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WW2 Brodie helmet.

Retains its original camouflage painting, original liner and canvas chin strap.

Made by JSS Sankey & Sons, Bilston, 1940. It has the 'flaming grenade' symbol etched into the front and painted on the rear. 

This symbol in red, is likely to belong to The Grenadier Guards.


The Brodie helmet is a steel combat helmet designed and patented in London in 1915 by John Leopold Brodie. It was the iconic helmet used throughout WW1 by the British and American Army. Various changes were made to the design, material and liner throughout its long service history which includes WW2.


A grenade insignia, the 'flaming grenade', is a form of emblem which represents a stylized old style of hand grenade, with a rising flame. This symbol is used as a charge in heraldry and is also featured on the uniforms of numerous military units including the Grenadier Guards, Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers.

The Grenadier Guards is the oldest foot guard regiment in the British Army. The regiment adopted a flaming grenade as its cap badge in 1815 when it defeated the French Imperial Guard's grenadiers at Waterloo.


WW2 Brodie Helmet

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