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Fergus and Gibbs

Modern-Day Archaeology

'Contemporary archaeology is a field of archaeological research that focuses on the most recent (20th and 21st century) past, and also increasingly explores the application of archaeological thinking to the contemporary world. It has also been referred to as the archaeology of the 'contemporary past'. (source: Wikipedia)

'Keeping history alive.'

Fergus & Gibbs are two friends Andy (aka Fergus- right) & Tim (aka Gibbs). They love old, rusty and dusty stuff!

Since starting Fergus & Gibbs Ltd, they have unearthed hordes of historic items including vintage petrol pumps, old signs and militaria which have been sold to collectors around the world.
They certainly have a unique way of finding rare items, that elude others.

Located near Holt, Norfolk, and Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk, Fergus & Gibbs Ltd is one of the fastest growing UK businesses specialising in 20th century collectibles.
They regularly work with collectors, historians,TV/film production and of course, members of the public.

Don't just take our word for it, have a look at our TrustPilot reviews!

Andy & Tim are always on the hunt for interesting things. Drop them a line if you have something for sale.

Fergus & Gibbs

Did you see the lads on TV?'
Andy & Tim had a great day with Henry Cole and Fuzz Townsend during the filming of Shed and Buried, episode 1, series 5.
Not only did they manage to sell them a few things, they got an invite back to Henry's shed to look at some treats (DOT bike for one- see our shop!)
You can see the episode on Quest.


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