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US Army MICH TC 2000 helmet, including ACU digital camoflague cover. 


Size: Medium


The MICH (Modular Intergrated Communications Helmet) was developed in 1997 and entered service in January 2001. 

It ranges in weight from about 1.36 kg (size medium) to just over 1.63 kg (extra large) and uses a more advanced Kevlar than it its predecessor, the PASGT (Personnel Amour  System for Ground Troops) helmet which entered service in the 1980's to replace the M1 helmet.

A pad system and four-point retention system, similar to the cushions and straps found on skate, bicycle, and water helmets, replaced the nylon cord suspension system, sweatband and chinstrap found on the PASGT helmet.

The change provided greater impact protection and comfort for the wearer. It can be fitted with a mounting bracket for a night vision device on the front. 

This cover includes 'cats-eyes', located on velcro straps on both sides, top and rear of the helmet. These were designed to prevent friendly-fire incidents during night operations.

The MICH first arena of warfare was during the Afghanistan War, 7th October 2001 to 30th August 2021.


source: (edited and citations removed).

US army helmet

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