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Raleigh Chopper MK.2 1974

3 speed.

Space Blue.



The Raleigh Chopper (Mk 1) was introduced at American trade shows in January 1969 but it was not until April 1969 when they were available for public to purchase.

It cost £34 (approximately £500 in today's money). The Chopper was so popular in 1970 that retailers had to persuade adults it was not a suitable bike for them.

The Mk 2 Chopper was an improved version and sold from 1972. It had the rarely-purchased option of five-speed derailleur gears, and the gear lever shifter changed from a knob to a T-bar-style shifter.

The frame was subtly revised, and the seat moved forward, to help prevent the front of the bicycle tipping up. A small rear rack was added (to prevent 'backies' (improvised two-seater). The handlebars were welded to the stem to stop children from inclining the 'ape hanger' bars backward which made steering nearly impossible.

The Chopper Mk 2 remained in production until 1980, by which time the BMX craze had taken over its market.

Today, the Raleigh Chopper has emerged as an iconic retro icon.


Raleigh Chopper- SOLD

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