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Original 1977 Pilgrim Bulldog. Based on a classic Morris Marina 1,275cc engine.

Registered as a historic vehicle.


In the seventies, many companies emerged making affordable kit/components cars. Most disapeared, but some emerged as market leaders and continued into the eighties.


Den Tanner and Bill Harling founded the company in Small Dole near Henfield in 1985 and began manufacturing automobiles. 

The brand name is Pilgrim , based on a song.  The vehicles are available as kit cars or fully assembled.  2,002 took Tony Holmes, the company Pilgrim Cars (UK) Ltd. 

In 2008 the company went bankrupt, after which it bought Den Tanner back.

The Pilgrim Bulldog (1985–1997).

The first model was the Bulldog , a 1940s style 2 + 2 touring car that was developed by Den Tanner between 1980 and 1985.  The body made of GRP was created from 1984.  The basis was a chassis developed in-house , the manufacturer calls it a ladder frame, and a four-cylinder engine from the Morris Marina acted as the drive ; from 1987 the engine and chassis came from the Ford Cortina/ Ford Taunus. The chassis of the Bulldog Mk4 was a welded construction made of square tubes with four longitudinal spars and upward-pointing arms for the attachment points of the seat belts. 

More than 2200 copies of the Bulldog were made. 


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Pilgrim Bulldog

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