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DC Amp meter, by Weston Electical Instrument Coporation. Newark. New Jersey. USA.

Weston Amp meters were used in cars, motorbikes and aviation. 


Untested. Sold as display item only.


Edward Weston (May 9, 1850 – August 20, 1936) was an English-born American chemist and engineer noted for his achievements in electroplating and his development of the electrochemical cell, named the Weston cell, for the voltagestandard.

Weston was a competitor of Thomas Edison in the early days of electricity generation and distribution.

He invented two alloys, constantan and manganin. Weston developed measurement instruments for electric current—the modern foundation for the voltmeter, ammeterand wattmeter. In 1888 he formed the Weston Electrical Instrument Corporation which would become famous for its voltmeters, ammeters, wattmeters, ohmmeters, frequency meters, transformers, and transducers. Weston developed a method for producing a "true" permanent magnet. Weston conceived of and built a magnetic speedometer. Weston also developed the dashboard ammeter for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Also in 1888, Weston became president of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) until 1889.


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Amp meter

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