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Inert, 30mm practice round fro an A10 ThunderBolt ll aircraft.




*NOTE-  There are strict rules governing the sale of this item. In breif; we can only sell it to UK residents. We can not send, therefore it is collection only. You must be over 18 years of age. PayPal is not a payment option. 

If you satisfy this criteria, then please contact about buying this item.


The A-10 Thunderbolt II (also called the Warthog) is an attack aircraft made by Fairchild Republic. It first flew in 1972 and was introduced in 1977. It is designed to drop bombs, fire rockets, missiles, and its 30 mm Gatling Gun at enemies on the ground (like tanks).


While the A-10 has a lot of room on its wings to carry bombs and missiles, its main weapon is the gun, called the GAU-8 Avenger.

It is a very long and heavy gun called a Gatling cannon, since it is a both an autocannon (fires large bullets very fast) and Gatling gun (has more than one barrel, which spin while being shot) The Avenger is so big that the A-10 had to be built around it, which created the joke that the A-10 does not have a gun attached like other warplanes, but it is the Avenger that has a plane attached.


Source: (edited and citations removed).


A10 training round

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