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WW2, Mkll Brodie helmet, dated 1941. Original Mkll liner and Mkll chin strap. SOLD.

It has the manufacturers stamp BMB, which refers to Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd, Dagenham,England. 


Briggs Manufacturing was an American, Detroit-based manufacturer of automobile bodies for Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation and other U.S. and European automobile manufacturers.

Briggs Bodies Limited set up works at Dagenham to manufacture steel bodies for cars and trucks and steel-stampings for Ford Motor Company Limited. Work started in May 1930 and production began in 1932. By July 1935 it had 4,500 employees and included these customers beside Ford, Austin, Chrysler, Riley, Standard and others. In August 1935 the business of Briggs Bodies was transferred to Briggs Motor Bodies Limited in order to raise capital in England.

During WW2, a workforce of over 36,000 built aircraft gun-turrets, doors, wing components, bomb doors, heavy and medium tank hulls, trucks, helmets and ambulance bodies.


The Brodie helmet is a steel combat helmet designed and patented in London in 1915 by John Leopold Brodie. It was the iconic helmet used throughout WW1 by the British and American Army. Various changes were made to the design, material and liner throughout its long service history which includes WW2.

The Mkll was manufactured from 1941. The changes was prompted mainly due to austerity and the lack of materials.


source: Wikipedia. Edited & Citations removed

WW2 Brodie helmet

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