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1 penny, Rowntrees Beech-Nut Chewing gum vending machine, in working order.

Made by Rowntree Machintosh LTD.

Circa 1969.


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In 1862, Rowntree's was founded at Castlegate, in York by Henry Isaac Rowntree, as the company manager bought out the Tuke family. In 1864 Rowntree acquired an old iron foundry at Tanners Moat for £1,000, and moved production there.

Rowntree had struggled to make a milk chocolate product of comparable quality or value to Cadbury's Dairy Milk. In 1927, the company began to market its fruit gums, and its pastilles from 1928, in the now familiar tube packaging.

In 1969, Rowntree's merged with John Mackintosh and Sons Ltd. to form "Rowntree Mackintosh Ltd.

In 1988, Swiss company Nestlé purchased Rowntree Mackintosh Confectionery, re-branded all of its products and took over the Halifax and York headquarters and factories.

After the acquisition, Nestlé slowly began to re-introduce the brand under the name "Rowntrees". 


source: (edited and citations removed).


Vending machine

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