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1970s, fast jet RAF Mk.3c flying helmet ('Bone Dome'), avionics and oxygen mask, with case (with keys).  Original visor cover.

Brown tan leather inner.

Rare, original paint work, with emblem on rear.

Electrics are unchecked. 

Oxygen mask: Type P & Q. 6D/3042

Cord cat no.: 5956/99/999/2773

Original box with two keys: Store Ref- No. 22C/2405

A rare, complete item.


The Mk.3c superceeded the MK.3A/3B helmet and entered service in the 1970s. It was used for fast jet, low/high altitude (with or without ejection seat) and rotary wing.

It is constructed from glass fibre, polyester resin and cork.

The two blast visors are made from polycarbon. The clear being for protection, the dark visor for glare protection.


source: Fergus & Gibbs

RAF Mk.3c helmet

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