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ReverchonDodgem car, 1970-80s, on original wheels.

Motor has been removed.


Reverchon Industries was a developer, designer and manufacturer of amusement park attractions that were sold all over the world.

  • 1937: It occurred to Gaston Reverchon to not only make parts for bumper-car rides but the whole ride itself and that year, on the dawn of the second world war, Télécombat, a ride featuring small military airplanes, was born.
  • 1978: Having learned a lesson from 1973, Reverchon launched a bumper car system to be set up using hydraulics. Now, rather than requiring two days for six people, the owner could do the work all on his or her own.

The company went into liquidation in September 2008, filing for bankruptcy and closing down their manufacturing and operations plant.


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Dodgem car

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