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(A few of our favourite items we've sold)

WW2 Bodie Helmet
RAF Flying Head Gear
RAF Mk8 Pilot Helmet
U.S. M1 Helmet

Second pattern 1960's U.S. Army Helmet (Vietnam era) with liner.

Mk8 RAF goggles
Mk2 Raleigh Chopper
Esso Enamel Sign
Pratts Enamel Sign
Ford Service Patch
70's Forecourt Sticker
Shell enamel sign
Lyons Enamel Sign
Esso forecourt sticker
Officer's Calvary Sword
Samson Mordan & Co. Letter Opener
Omega Lighter
WW2 Airman's Flask
Spitfire Morse Light
WW2 Cockpit Light
Spitfire Picture
Squadron 64 Car Badge
WW2 Marching Compass
WW2 RAF Kit Baf
Coat of Arms
Old Bus Route Sign
Lucas Headlights
Vintage BMW Badge
French Moneybag
Vintage Dunlop Tire Repair Kit
Enamel Marmalade Sign
Talc Shaker
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